General Reminders

During the August 15, 2017 HUD Technical Assistance review, apartments were noted to have unauthorized trampolines, swimming pools and various other outdoor play equipment.  Outdoor play equipment creates a liability for the Housing Authority when not supervised and maintained.  The Housing Authority’s insurance carrier recommends the Housing Authority take action to protect the health and safety of the residents, the Housing Authority and the general public.  Based upon the recommendations of HUD and the Housing’s insurance carrier, the Authority is immediately prohibiting certain outdoor yard and play equipment as listed below:

  1. Gasoline operated outdoor play items such as go-carts, motor scooters, 3 wheel or 4 wheel ATV’s, etc.
  2. Swimming or wading pools
  3. Weight-lifting equipment cannot remain in the yard or on the porch,  it must be properly stored inside the tenant’s apartment.
  4. Trampolines
  5. Bounce houses, blowup slides, merry-go-rounds and other similar types of children and adult activities.
  6. Picnic tables and any other furniture that is placed on the ground.

A resident is required to request in writing approval for the following:

  1.   Swing Sets – will only be allowed if written approval is       granted by the Housing Authority.  When requesting  permission to have a swing-set, resident must provide proof of a general liability policy in the amount of 1,000,000.00 with the Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority named as an additional insured.
  2. EZ-Up tents, umbrellas, and any other types of items used to congregate under shall be allowed to be set up and used as long as an adult is present.  Once these items are no longer in use, they MUST be taken down and stored in the apartment.  Permission will be granted for one day only, such items cannot stay up overnight.

Any resident in possession of a prohibited item will be found to be in violation of the lease.


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