Happy Memorial Day!

This is a special day.  It is a day of honor and reverence; it is a solemn day.  This is the day we must recognize an unfortunate fact of life; our beloved country was formed and is protected by the blood of warriors.  As unfortunate as this is, we can be thankful, because over the years America has answered the call every time our way of life has been threatened.  No one has more accurately described what someone puts on the line when they sign a contract to serve in the armed forces than legendary General Jim Mattis of the United States Marine Corps. In a recent address to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, Mattis articulated, “You signed blank checks payable with your lives to the American people.”  With this simple analogy, he captures the moment of signing when a civilian Department of Defense employee hands a young man or woman a black pen, in a cubicle somewhere inside a military entrance processing station.  You take the pen and you think nothing of it, because your mind is already made up.  Unbeknown to many, their fate is sealed with the final stroke of that black pen.  We honor these brave men and women for the sacrifice they made for our freedom.  If you stop and listen closely, not with your ears, but with your heart, you can hear the whisper of the army of the dead.  As they leave behind a life on earth worthy of honor, remembrance, and gratitude, they unceasingly utter ” I love you to death.”

Happy Memorial Day and God Bless America!

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