Reminders for October

  • All residents are advised that the Annual REAC Inspections are scheduled for November 14-18. The Authority staff will inspect all occupied units. Any debris or old items need to be disposed. Please contact the Housing Authority if you have any repairs that need to be completed either inside or out. Your help in preparing is appreciated.
  • Residents must register their pet. Do not feed stray animals! Strays are a health hazard and if a resident is found to be feeding or sheltering a stray animal they will be charged for a pet deposit and are responsible for any damages by the animal to property. Click here to view the Pet Policy.
  • FACHA Mailbox Maintenance fee goes into effect October 1, 2011.
  • Housing Authority should be notified if you are moving out, so that maintenance can bring a truck out for the garbage. Trash and debris that cover the yard will result in a fine.

See here for the Trash Disposal Schedule.


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