Smoke Free Policy – Effective February 26, 2018

Beginning February 26, 2018, as required by HUD, the Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority has adopted a policy to forbid smoking in all of its structures and WITHIN 25 feet of a Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority owned structure.

Prohibited tobacco products include items that involve the ignition  and burning of tobacco leaves such as: store bought or hand-rolled cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and pipes (water pipes and hookahs).  Smoking is NOT allowed in any public housing or multi-family living units and other interior areas.

This policy covers not only everyone living on the property, but also all guests and visitors.  Each resident is responsible for his or her guests or visitors.  Violations of this policy by an aide, guest or visitor will be considered to have been made by the resident(s) head of household.

Effective February 26, 2018, this policy will be enforced by Housing Authority personnel with warnings and fines being issued.  All penalties assessed against a resident will be documented in the resident’s file.  Multiple violations can lead to eviction.



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