Trash Disposal Schedule

Keep our Neighborhoods Clean!

If debris or old items need to be disposed of, please put them into a black trash bag, or if larger into a neat pile, on the curb outside by 8:00 AM the day the truck is coming.  The maintenance truck will be coming by based on the schedule below.


Apartment Complex

Maintenance Truck Pickup Date

Aztec Monday, Oct. 3
Chappell Hill Monday, Oct. 3
Philliptown Monday, Oct. 3
Spring Creek Monday, Oct. 3
Travelers Rest Monday, Oct. 3
Westview Tuesday, Oct. 4
Elberta Lane Tuesday, Oct. 4
Willowbend Tuesday, Oct. 4
McCrary Wednesday, Oct. 5
Sandcliff Wednesday, Oct. 5
Rosegarden Wednesday, Oct. 5
Smokerise Wednesday, Oct. 5



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