Water Meters in Marshallville


The Housing Authority has contracted to have individual water meters put in each apartment in Marshallville.  The contractor will begin work the week of March 12 and continue through the week of March 22, 2012.

The contractor will be turning water off on all units beginning March 14 between the hours of 8 – 12 mornings and 1 – 4 afternoons until all the meters are installed.

Each resident is required to make a deposit to the City of Marshallville in the amount of $175.00.  Some residents might already have paid a deposit for garbage so those persons will be required to make up the difference rather than pay the full amount.  If you have questions about how much you need to pay, contact the City.  Residents are required to have their deposit of $175.00 paid to the City prior to April 1, 2012.

If your deposit is not paid to the City of Marshallville by April 1, 2012, you will not have water.

Comments or questions about this notice can be directed to the Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority.

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