The Flint Area Housing Authority leaves the waiting list open so you may apply for housing at any time. Check out the qualifications for one of our four programs to see what best suits your family’s needs. FACHA offers regular public housing, senior housing, home ownership program, as well as a USDA program. This variety allows us to best help many families in many different circumstances. The Flint Area Housing Authority does NOT do emergency housing.

There is a different application and process for each of our programs. Each program also holds its own waiting list. It is important to apply for the appropriate program your family needs. The Housing Authority is unable to accept any applications that are not completely filled out. Along with a completely filled out application, the Housing Authority will also need copies of all birth certificates, social security cards, photo IDs, income verification, and signed consent forms for criminal and credit checks to be ran.

It generally takes 7-10 days for the application process to be completed by the Housing Authority. After that time frame, an applicant will be notified by mail/email if their application has been approved or denied. Any denied applicants can request a meeting within 10 days of the application rejection. After the 10 days has passed, the application will then be destroyed. Once approved, the applicant will be placed on the waiting list if we do not have an apartment readily available.

Please see the FAQ below for more information about the application and waiting list process.

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Some questions we hear a lot about applying for housing…

Where is the Housing Authority’s main office located?

We are located at 542 Richardson Street, Montezuma, GA 31063. Our Mailing address is PO Box 67, Montezuma, GA 31063.

What are your office hours?

Office Hours are Monday through Thursday from 8am-4:30pm. The office is closed for most federal holidays. If you are unable to reach a team member, please leave a voice mail message with a good call back number and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

How do I contact the office?

Via phone at 478-472-8209

Via fax at 478-472-5012

Via Team Member email address

How can I apply for public housing?

This Housing Authority manages housing assistance through the Public Housing Program. To apply, please contact the Admissions/Occupancy Clerk at our main office at 478-472-8209. You may also come to the office between the hours of 8:00am and 4:40pm, Monday-Thursday to request an application. You may also apply online. After applying online, follow up with the Housing Authority to make sure all of the necessary documents needed to complete the application have been received. The Housing Authority cannot process any applications that are missing documents.

What is the difference between the “Income Based” and the “Flat Rent” option?

Income based rent is determined by Federal Regulation and based on the adjusted income of the household, less any authorized deductions.

Flat Rate rent is a term that means the maximum that someone will pay for rent. Flat rent reflects more of what competitive non-subsidized markers in the area offer. There are times that paying the Counties HUD issued Flat rent amount will be cheaper than paying the 30% of the applicants monthly income. This can only be determined at move in and annual recertification’s.

How much will my rent be?

Regulations are set by HUD to determine a family’s rent. Other fees be applied and are in place based on policies the Board of Commissioners has enacted. Normally payment is no more than 30% of the applicants monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities. Because of the complexity of rent calculation, the rent amount a family will pay is determined after an offer for a specific apartment is accepted.

What documents do I need to provide with my application?

You must bring all required documentation with your application. Applicants needs to have:

1- Birth Certificates for Everyone in the Household.

2- Social Security Cards for Household members.

3-Picture ID of anyone age 18+ that will live in the Household.

4-Proof of income documentation

5-Marriage license or divorce decree (if applicable)

6-Signed consent forms (available at the Authority or online; TruDiligence Form) for both Credit & Criminal Background checks.

What is considered Proof of Income documentation?

1-Award Letter for Social Security or Disability

2- 4 Current pay stubs from your employer. (There must be the most recent 4)

3- School funds are NOT acceptable forms of income.

If I am married, but separated, do I still need to present my spouses financial information with my application?

Yes. The State of Georgia does not lawfully recognize a separation. If you are not divorced then you must present your spouse’s information with your application.

Which utilities do I pay and which utilities does the Housing Authority pay?

Residents of the Flint Area Housing Authority are responsible for all of their own utilities.

Can I have family or friends stay with me?

Guests are generally welcome and fall under limited authorization. Residents are allowed to have overnight guests. However, under the lease, guests are not allowed to stay more than 14 days within any one consecutive year.

Can I have pets?

FACHA’s Pet policy allows for one authorized pet per household. Registration of your pet at the main office and payment of the pet deposit fee ($150) will need to be done prior to admitting any pets into the household. Please see the Pet Policy for more details.

Is there an application fee to apply for Housing with FACHA?


How much money is need for the Security Deposit?

1-Bedroom Apartment = $500.00

2-Bedroom Apartment= $700.00

3-Bedroom Apartments = $725.00

4-Bedroom Apartments = $800.00

At move in, a Resident must pay an initial $100.00 and then $50.00 a month along with their rent until the deposit is paid in full.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes. The Flint Area Housing Authority usually will keep the waiting list open all year.

How does the waiting list work?

The Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority keeps a waiting list for all Housing Programs. The waiting list is according to the date and time a person applies, the family size, and by any local preferences for qualified applicants. Local preferences are asking for a particular city and/or apartment complex.

How can I find out where my name is on the waiting list?

The place of an applicant on the waiting list depends on several factors. Public Housing is determined on bedroom size, application date and time, and any local preferences the applicant qualifies for. The time on the list for any applicant is difficult to predict and also depends on unit availability and an applicant’s timely response to an offer letter. An applicant will be notified via mail when their application nears the top three of that wait list.

Our policy dictates that an applicant may reject an offer for an apartment for any reason. If an applicant rejects an offer they are moved to the bottom of the waiting list. Upon the third offer, if the applicant does not respond or refuses again, the applicant will be removed from the waiting list entirely and must reapply to be considered. Applicants are encouraged to have funds readily available to be able to accept an offer and move forward quickly. It is up to the applicant to let the Housing Authority know if their mailing address and phone number have changed at any time they are on the waiting list.

Does FACHA give out section 8 vouchers or handle section 8 housing?

No. If interested in the section 8 voucher program in Macon and Taylor Counties, citizens are encouraged to contact the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Is the Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority party of city government?

No. The Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners are appointed by the Mayors of Montezuma, Oglethorpe, Marshallville, Butler, and Reynolds respectively. The Housing Authority is a quasi-governmental agency authorized under state law and established in 1997 when multiple smaller Authorities consolidated to form FACHA.

How do I contact HUD?

The Flint Area Consolidated Housing Authority team is here to help anyone to the best of our abilities and we pride our Team for doing so. Sometimes circumstances come up when a Resident feels that contacting HUD is a solution that will best help them. FACHA wants all of the Residents to have all options available to them. To contact HUD Atlanta Office, the telephone number is 404-331-5136. Residents and Applicants may also go to